Poker and Checkers

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Poker and Checkers

Are checkers players likely to take an interest in poker? Will poker players enjoy checkers? While checkers is a board game and poker a card game, there are some interesting similarities and differences between the two that might be worth taking the time to examine.

How Poker and Checkers Are Similar

Both poker and checkers are games of strategy. In checkers, you never make a move without anticipating how your opponent may respond, and poker is just the same. You can make moves blindly and hope for the best, but that will almost certainly lead to ruin. Poker and checkers are also both games that anyone can learn but few can master.

How Poker and Checkers Are Different

While poker and checkers both employ strategy, how strategy is used will be different because poker has incomplete information. Every checkers player can see all of his opponent's possible moves, and can anticipate what his possible moves will be based on his own moves. Poker players can only estimate what an opponent is likely to have and act accordingly. In addition, poker has an element of luck that checkers does not share. When two checkers players meet, the one with the greater skill should almost always win. When two poker players are in the same game, short term variance dictates that the most skilled player is not always the one that wins the most money; indeed, he may not win at all.

Moving From Checkers to Poker

Will checkers players be successful at poker? It's hard to say. The level of complexity in poker games probably exceeds the level of complexity in checkers in most cases, and the types of situations and decisions poker players face may not be familiar to checkers players. However, checkers players usually enjoy games and challenges, and poker certainly provides a great challenge to anyone who decides to take up the game. Poker can be played for low stakes or even no stakes, so any checkers player who is curious about poker should give it a try in a low-risk environment to find out if it is for him or her.

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Give away is played according to the rules of Russian draughts but the point of the game is to give all your checkers. Ordinary checkers move forward to the left and forward to the right. Ordinary draught can cover backwards. King can move to any number of the field and if the ordinary draught covers through the whole field, it becomes king and continues its covering like a king. It is obligatory to cover any available draughts of your opponent.

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