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Online Checkers

The history of draughts began very long time ago and they deserved the right to be considered the most ancient form of all table games. With the course of time the game was changing, appeared many varieties of checkers which differ not only by the rules but by other peculiarities.

Online checkers is one of the most comfortable realization of the game intended for people who want not only to play a virtual set, but also to join to players' society. For this you need to register your account (to get a unique name and password) with the help of which the system will personalize you as a player. You will be able to create your own set of online checkers and to invite someone to participate in game or to join to already existing one.


For you choice there will be presented several rooms where the games and tournaments are taking place. If you are a registered user of online checkers, you will be able to join the game. If you don't have time for registration you can play like a guest, but your possibilities will be limited.

Checkers is actually one of the very few games that has a long history of being on a computer. It was in the 1950's that the first English draughts program was written by C.S Strachey. Six years later the second one was made by an IBM researcher Arthur Samuel. This was one of the first adaptive programs, so at the time it was something rather special.

It is no wonder then that draughts or checkers have reached the online world and made it's mark. It is possible to play a huge range of games online these days. But what people enjoy most is the sense of community you get when you play, being able to join forums and societies. You have been able to do this for a while in online poker games and now you can be part of a checkers community.

In order to communicate with your opponents, you will have the chat where you can express your suggestions, conditions or discuss different aspects of the game. And in case you show the best result, you can be listed into the tournament table and afterwards you will get the opportunity to take part in international online checkers tournaments.

Also for your choice we are suggesting several the most successful realizations of draughts. You can download draughts and install the game at your computer. Besides you will be able to change the parameters and game's installation on your own and that will allow you to select the level of complexity, draughts` variety and other peculiarities.

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Napoleon Buonapart preferred draughts to chess, finding in this game the strategy of leading the battle. He is known never to leave his pearl draughts-board.

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