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Checkers (Draughts) Game
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Checkers is a popular table game which became very poplar with PC users. Now you can download it and the virtual version of well-known game will be available for you any time you like. We suggest you to select any from several realizations of the game which you can download free of charge and install at your PC.
Checker Board Checker Board. This is one of the most comfortable version of English draughts with many options. Download the game and you will be able to play the set of draughts with your computer, to choose for yourself an opponent or just to look on the way of playing as for two computer`s opponents. If you fail the party, you can analyse your faults being the reason of your default with the help of the system. And if you have no time to finish the game because of some reasons - you can save it and continue it next time from the same place. Download Checker Board free.
Amusive Checkers 2 Amusive Checkers 2. This is a beautiful realization of draughts suggesting the user to play 3 varieties of this game: Russian draughts, English draughts and Give away. The process of the game is accompanied by the sounds imitating the movement of the figures and if necessary by the prompts. Short description of the rules for each game variety will help to the beginner and while making analysis of the game, the history of the moves will help to define the fault ones. It is possible to play as with computer as with alive partner. While playing with computer there are three levels of complexity: Easy, Medium, Expert. In the cases of necessity unfinished parties can be saved and loaded. Download Amusive Checkers 2.
If you are interested in playing with real opponent along the net, you can play at internet checkers and join to our society.

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Give away is played according to the rules of Russian draughts but the point of the game is to give all your checkers. Ordinary checkers move forward to the left and forward to the right. Ordinary draught can cover backwards. King can move to any number of the field and if the ordinary draught covers through the whole field, it becomes king and continues its covering like a king. It is obligatory to cover any available draughts of your opponent.

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