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Checkers (Draughts) Game
Checkers Game

Draughts (or checkers) is one of the most ancient table games. Its history counts many centuries. According to the legends checkers were played by Egyptian Pharaohs. The first players considered that checkers were contrived by the God of Wisdom Tot, but ancient Greeks believed that their founder could be called Hermes who had played a game with the Moon and won by it 5 days in the year.

Checkers Game


With the course of time the game became popular all over the world and many archaeological findings proved existence of the draughts having been made from stone, amber, clay and other materials suitable for this.

Draughts is the game representing a wooden field divided into the squares coloured black and white. One can place on it the checkers in a fixed order, which amount should be equal for the both players. Now there are many varieties of checkers. The most commonly used are considered to be English and Russian ones which are played at the board with 64 cells. Russian draughts were played by such writers as Karamzin, Tolstoy, Pushkin and the number of other famous personalities who even mentioned them in their works.

The point of the game consists in placing the checkers along the field so as to cover all those of your opponent. Essential difference exists only in variety of the checkers - so called "give away" where the winner will be that one, whose checkers had been covered before those of his opponent. This is quite a simple game at which as children as adults can play. Nevertheless there is Worldwide Draughts Federation where more than 40 countries are included.

Now draughts can be found as in ordinary view as in virtual one. Every PC user can also download checkers and install the game at his computer. This gives the opportunity to play at table game sitting at the monitor of your computer. Do all the necessary installations and try your forces in game! There are quite a lot of computer checkers but we have selected the most interesting variants of the game combining beautiful interface and clever AI. Here you can play as English as Russian checkers and even at "Give away".

If you don't want to download the file, use the online checkers version. This is on-line game where you can play like guest or can create an account with your own unique name and use all the profits of the site. Choose the game or create it yourself and afterwards you can start playing your set. You will get the information about the best draughts players and also there will be the rooms where the games will be taking place.

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International draughts are played at the board 10 by 10 (100 cells). The draughts take first four lines from each side (each line contains 20 draughts). Ordinary draughts move backward to the left and forward to the right and can cover backwards. On getting the line of transforming (the last horizontal line of the board) it becomes crowned (a king).

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